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    Discovering Polish Sweets: Irys candies

    Discover the sweet history and global appeal of Irys candies, a cherished treat from Poland.

    In the realm of Polish confectionery, there exists a beloved treat whose name echoes through generations: Irys. Originating from the interwar period, these delectable candies have charmed palates for decades. Much like their counterparts, the famous krówki, Irys candies are crafted from simmered milk mass, resulting in their distinctive flavor and color.

    Irys candies have been a constant presence since the interwar era, maintaining their unique allure through the ages. With a texture that is simultaneously delicate and indulgent, they have garnered a dedicated following among confectionery enthusiasts.

    The “Jutrzenka” Legacy

    During the era of the Polish People’s Republic (PRL), the “Jutrzenka” confectionery factory emerged as a prominent producer of Irys candies. In the 1970s, significant investments were made to modernize production facilities, drawing throngs of school excursions eager to witness the sweet magic in action.

    Irys candies transcended borders, finding their way to Germany, Hungary, France, and even distant lands like Canada and Saudi Arabia. Their reputation for quality and flavor made them a sought-after delicacy on the global stage.

    A Crisp Delight

    While categorized alongside milk toffees, Irys candies boast a distinct crispness that sets them apart. This unique texture, coupled with their rich history and widespread popularity, solidifies their status as a cherished symbol of Polish confectionery tradition.

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