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    Do Poles Really Want Sunday Shopping Back?

    According to a recent survey by UCE RESEARCH and the Offerista Group, Polish society is deeply divided on the issue of reinstating Sunday shopping. Currently, 46% of Poles are in favor, while 44% oppose it. Only 10% remain undecided.

    The first group predominantly consists of consumers from the largest Polish cities, usually earning a net monthly income of PLN 7000-8999 (EUR 1624-2088). On the other hand, opponents are mainly from cities with a population of 50-99 thousand, most often earning a monthly net income of PLN 1000-2999 (EUR 232-696).

    Furthermore, the authors of the report emphasize that acceptance of the aforementioned solution has fallen by 8 percentage points over a few months. They also predict that if nothing changes on this topic, support will continue to decrease, but it is not expected to fall below 40%. A significant portion of Poles are still bothered by the inability to shop at the end of the weekend.

    Women are more likely to oppose the reintroduction of Sunday shopping than men (47.9% vs. 40.1%). Moreover, this position is mainly held by people aged 55-64 (54.7%), with a net monthly income of 1000-2999 PLN (49.4%), and those with secondary education (47.4%). They are predominantly residents of cities with a population of 50 to 99 thousand (49%).

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