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    Driving Trends: Polish Drivers Still Prefer German Cars and Combustion Engines

    Polish drivers remain loyal to German engineering and traditional combustion engines, as revealed by OTOMOTO’s recent “Internet Car of the Year 2023” report.

    The report highlights key trends in the Polish automotive market, including the dominance of German car brands and the enduring popularity of combustion engines. Notably, BMW leads the pack as the most viewed brand of used cars, surpassing competitors like Audi and Mercedes. Additionally, German models dominate the list of top-viewed cars, showcasing a consistent preference among Polish drivers.

    Despite the market trend towards newer vehicles, Polish drivers show a preference for slightly older models, with over 70% of registered cars in 2023 being over a decade old. However, prices have risen significantly, indicating that cost remains a significant factor in purchasing decisions.

    While electric and hybrid vehicles gain traction globally, Polish drivers continue to favour petrol engines, with diesel engines also maintaining a strong presence. SUVs are increasingly popular, representing nearly half of all new car views on OTOMOTO, with automatic transmissions gaining popularity as well.

    Furthermore, entrepreneurs are turning to the used car market due to the limited availability of new vehicles. Used cars, particularly those aged between 5 and 10 years, are becoming the choice for business owners, highlighting the importance of the secondary market.

    Lastly, the report emphasizes the cost-saving benefits of using used parts in car repairs, reflecting a growing awareness among Polish drivers of the value they offer.

    OTOMOTO’s report offers valuable insights into the evolving preferences of Polish drivers, providing manufacturers, dealers, and consumers alike with valuable information on the market trends.


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