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    Eagles Soar into Spring: Over 100 Pairs Prepare for Nesting in Lubusz Region!

    Over 100 pairs of White-tailed Eagles are preparing for nesting in the Lubusz Voivodeship, as informed by Michał Bielewicz from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

    The spring weather in Lubusz has triggered the courtship displays of these birds in full swing. Bielewicz explained that courtship displays are the prelude to the most crucial period of the year for all birds, namely the nesting season. Currently, White-tailed Eagles are renovating their nests or building new ones in their territories, and they engage in mutual courtship flights to strengthen the bonds between pairs. All of this is done to lay eggs in the first half of March.

    White-tailed Eagles in Poland are strictly protected

    White-tailed Eagles are the largest birds of prey in Poland and also one of the quickest to begin nesting. The long incubation and chick-rearing period, lasting until the end of August, means that White-tailed Eagles must hurry to start the breeding season. Raising the young is also a significant challenge for adult birds, as they must provide sufficient food for their offspring.

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