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    Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Harmony V4 Congress

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    Join the Harmony V4 Congress on Oct 7, 2023, empowering women entrepreneurs across Central Europe. Register now for networking and inspiration.

    The Congress of Women of Micro, Small and Medium Business Harmony V4 is a unique international seminar set to take place on October 7, 2023. Bringing together 200 enterprising individuals from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary, this event aims to provide knowledge, networking opportunities, and fresh perspectives.

    Promoting Inclusivity and Collaboration:
    This one-of-a-kind event is distinct in several ways. Firstly, it caters to women owners of small businesses, a demographic often overlooked by traditional conferences. Secondly, it holds an international dimension, with input from academic experts, business chambers, and entrepreneurial clubs. It emerges from a common desire to strengthen collaboration and support among women in the Visegrád Group.

    Program Highlights:
    Organized by the Powiatowa Wspólnota Samorządowa, the event features engaging panel discussions, partner exhibitions, and networking sessions. It presents a golden opportunity to forge valuable connections, find mentors and collaborators, and uncover inspiring stories in business, cooperation, and diplomacy.

    Event Details:
    The Congress of Women of Micro, Small and Medium Business Harmony V4 will be hosted on October 7, 2023, at the Conference Center in Hotel Arena, Tychy.

    Participation requires online registration via the website.

    Funding Support:
    This project is financially supported by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the “Public Diplomacy 2023” competition.

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