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    European Commission Approves Aid Program for Raspberry Producers in Poland

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    The European Commission greenlights a support initiative for Polish raspberry producers, offering aid based on cultivated area and weather-related losses.

    The European Commission has endorsed a support program for raspberry producers in Poland. The subsidy is granted based on applications submitted by raspberry producers to the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture by October 31. The aid amount is determined by multiplying the declared raspberry cultivation area, not exceeding 10 hectares, by the aid rate. The Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development revealed the approved aid rates.

    Heading: Approved Aid Rates

    • 1250 PLN/ha: for raspberry crops affected by spring frosts, hurricanes, or hailstorms in 2023, with producers filing a request for assistance due to losses of at least 70%.
    • 2500 PLN/ha: if no assistance request was submitted for losses of at least 70% due to spring frosts, hurricanes, or hailstorms.

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