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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023: the second semi-final results. Blanka qualified for the Grand Final

    In the course of the second semi-final of the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, Blanka introduced her musical creation ‘Solo’ to the entire continent. Of the 16 participants, only 10 will fight in Saturday’s Grand Final of the competition. Check the results.

    Poland’s Blanka competes with 15 other countries in the second semi-final

    The song itself presents a great combination of Blanka’s music style and vocals. During the semi-finals, Blanka was assigned the ninth starting number, the very same position she held during the national eliminations.

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    Voting rules: Rest of World vote

    In 2023, the countries that qualify from each of the two Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest will be decided solely on the basis of votes cast by the general public.  
    Juries, in each country taking part in the respective Semi-Final, will still cast their votes but they will only be used should a valid televote not be recorded or possible in an individual country.  
    The Jury votes from each participating country will however be counted, as before, in the Grand Final. They will be combined with the result of the public vote to make up the total overall score.  

    Eurovision 2023 has undergone changes in the way of voting. Different rules for deciding the winner have been introduced this year. In the semi-finals, only TV viewers from individual countries will be able to cast their votes, without the participation of a professional jury. In the final, points will be awarded based on audience ratings and jurors’ ratings from the music industry. Significantly, for the first time in the contest’s history, viewers from countries not participating in the event will have the chance to cast their vote as the Rest of World vote.

    Semi-finals results:

    Qualified for the Grand Final:

    1. Albania
    2. Cyprus
    3. Estonia
    4. Belgium
    5. Austria
    6. Lithuania
    7. Poland
    8. Australia
    9. Armenia
    10. Slovenia

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