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    “Express Republiki Luz”: New Weekend News Show Brings Humor to Telewizja Republika

    Telewizja Republika has introduced a new weekend news program under the “Express” brand. The show, titled “Express Republiki Luz,” is hosted by Natalia Rzeźniczak, a familiar face recently seen on Telewizja Polska.

    In a teaser for the show, Rzeźniczak promises a lighthearted approach to current events. “We will look at the world around us with a bit of a wink and, of course, a huge dose of humor,” she said.

    “Express Republiki Luz” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 5:10 PM, right after the “Express Republiki” broadcast. During weekdays at the same time, viewers can catch “Express Republiki+.”

    This new addition to Telewizja Republika’s lineup aims to provide a refreshing and entertaining take on the news, combining information with humor for a unique viewing experience.

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