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    Farmer Protests Boost Demand for Polish Produce: Study Shows

    Recent farmer protests sweeping across Poland have not only sparked national conversations but have also spurred a significant shift in consumer habits, particularly in food purchases. According to a study by Kantar Polska, 60% of Poles are now inclined to buy more Polish fruits and vegetables, with apples, strawberries, cherries, and tomatoes among the top favourites.

    The protests have raised awareness about food quality, leading consumers to favour Polish produce. Professor Ewa Stachowska of the Pomeranian Medical University emphasizes the importance of this trend, suggesting that such support for local farmers reflects a broader consciousness towards healthier dietary choices.

    Moreover, a staggering 81% of Poles support the farmer protests, indicating a nationwide reflection on food sourcing and quality. Witold Boguta, president of the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Groups, notes that consumers are increasingly prioritizing locally sourced and seasonal goods.

    With over 60% of Poles motivated to increase their consumption of native fruits and vegetables, the upcoming spring season and growing health-conscious trends contribute to this shift. Polish apples, strawberries, and tomatoes remain popular choices, while the pandemic has reinforced the perception of fruits and vegetables as essential for a healthy lifestyle.

    Dr. Beata Sińska of the Medical University of Warsaw stresses the need for education to further promote fruit and vegetable consumption. Meanwhile, Dr Agnieszka Orzeł, a grower from Niwa Plant Breeding, sees the rising interest in Polish produce as a positive sign for domestic agriculture.

    Encouragingly, producers like Weronika and Karol Maciejczyk advocate for supporting local farmers, emphasizing the importance of buying locally sourced produce.

    As conversations around food choices continue to evolve, Poland seems poised for a season of embracing its rich agricultural heritage, with increased support for local farmers and a growing preference for sustainable, fresh options.

    The study by CBOS and Kantar Polska offers valuable insights into changing consumer behaviours, highlighting a significant shift towards supporting Polish produce and sustainable farming practices.

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