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    Farmers Gear Up for Massive Protest in Warsaw Tomorrow

    Warsaw is bracing itself for a major farmer strike scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th. Joining the protest are hunters and foresters, with organizers expecting a turnout of up to 150,000 participants. The looming protest is expected to cause considerable disruptions for the capital’s residents.

    The farmer’s strike will begin at 11 am outside the Prime Minister’s Office at Ujazdowskie 1/3 Avenue and will end at 3 pm after marching to the Polish Parliament at Wiejska 4 Street.

    Sławomir Izdebski, head of the Farmers’ Union, reports a significant number of farmer registrations for the protest, with speculation about tractor transportation.

    Disruptions are expected on the outskirts of Warsaw, particularly in Marki, where 70 tractors will block the intersection of DW629 and S8 roads on March 6-7. Additionally, 70 tractors are set to block National Road No. 61 near Legionowo.

    Organizers anticipate a large turnout, with “‘Solidarity’ expecting 150,000 people.”

    Farmers are awaiting confirmation of a meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk, likely on Thursday, and plan to continue protesting at border crossings in Dorohusk, Hrebenne, and Korczowa until then.

    Farmers’ Persistent Protests Amidst Government Inaction and Discontent

    This isn’t the first time protesters have descended upon the capital. On February 27th, farmers marched from the Palace of Culture and Science, through Parliament, culminating in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, with an estimated 10,000 farmers present.

    The protesters demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Tusk, who assured them that he was actively seeking protective measures for Polish farmers, including further negotiations with Ukraine.

    However, the meeting held on February 29th failed to yield an agreement between the government and farmers. No concrete plans were discussed during the meeting, and some representatives of agricultural organizations were even barred from meeting with the prime minister.

    For weeks, farmers across Poland have been staging numerous protests, blocking roads, expressways, highways, and border crossings with Ukraine. The A1 highway was also blocked, with farmers threatening to plough it if Prime Minister Tusk didn’t meet their demands.

    Farmers Protest Influx of Ukrainian Goods, Blaming EU’s Green Deal for Crisis

    Farmers are protesting the influx of Ukrainian goods into Poland, blaming the EU’s Green Deal for the crisis. This initiative, billed as an environmental effort, is seen as a tool to undermine national sovereignty and impose harsh regulations on sectors like agriculture. Critics argue that it sacrifices farmers’ livelihoods for environmental goals, threatening Poland’s autonomy and economic growth. They accuse the EU of prioritizing its socialist agenda over the well-being of member states.

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