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    Farmers’ Protests Disrupt Poland: Standing Against Destructive Agricultural Policies

    Today, across various regions of Poland, including its major cities, farmers are making their voices heard through widespread protests. With a staggering 580 protest sites and an estimated total participation of nearly 70,000 individuals, the discontent among farmers is undeniable. Their grievances encompass a staunch opposition to policies such as the “Green Deal,” the influx of agricultural and food products from Ukraine, stringent regulations on animal husbandry, and the alarming state of agriculture in the country.

    At the protest site in Jabłonna, Telewizja Republika and the editorial team of the “Michał Rachoń. Jedziemy” program are currently on the ground, covering the events as they unfold.

    Urgent Calls for Policy Reforms Amid Farmer Protests

    These protests serve as a stark reminder of the deep-seated discontent within Poland’s agricultural sector. Farmers, who often feel sidelined and overlooked, are demanding policy reforms that prioritize their livelihoods and the future of Polish agriculture. As these protests unfold, they underscore the urgent need for policymakers to engage in meaningful dialogue and take concrete actions to address the legitimate grievances of the farming community.

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