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    Farmers Rise: Warsaw’s Defiant Stand Against the Green Deal

    Thousands of farmers and representatives from various sectors of Polish industry are gathering in Warsaw this Friday for a significant protest against the Green Deal. Their discontent is palpable as politicians, including Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Marshal Szymon Hołownia, sidestep discussions, prompting representatives of agricultural communities to initiate an occupation protest in the Polish Parliament.

    The focal point of the protest is Castle Square, where, precisely at noon, farmers will commence their march under the banner “Down with the Green Deal.” As they traverse central Warsaw, culminating on Wiejska Street near the Polish Parliament building, their voices echo concerns about the Green Deal’s potential repercussions on food security and living costs. Republika TV is set to provide extensive coverage of the events.

    Amidst the preparations, farmers stress the urgency of dialogue on the country’s transformation and industries. They condemn Brussels’ proposed regulations, foreseeing dire consequences for European agriculture. However, their scheduled meeting with Szymon Hołownia is postponed, signalling further frustrations.

    In response to the Sejm session postponement, farmers take decisive action, gathering a day earlier in the Polish Parliament. Their demand for a meeting with Prime Minister Tusk is met with resistance, with the Marshal’s Guard intervening to restrict their movement. Undeterred, the farmers affirm their commitment to remain until their grievances are heard. As the protest unfolds, its route through Warsaw symbolizes a unified stand, drawing attention to the farmers’ plight and the broader implications of the Green Deal.

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