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    Former PM Warns of Rising Inflation and Energy Prices

    In a recent Facebook post, former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki voiced his concerns over the rising inflation and energy costs following the removal of the zero VAT on food. Highlighting the significant impact on Polish citizens, Morawiecki criticized the government’s decision and warned of further economic hardships.

    Soaring Prices and Inflation

    Morawiecki detailed the rapid increase in prices over the past few months, with food prices rising by 2.1% in March, 2.4% in April, and 2.9% in May. He emphasized that from July 1st, electricity prices would surge by an average of 20%, and gas prices by 45%, exacerbating inflation and further straining household budgets.

    The former PM attributed the price hikes to the end of the Energy Shield program. He warned that the rising energy costs would not only affect consumers directly but also lead to higher costs for businesses, which would be passed on to consumers. Morawiecki argued that these changes herald a more extensive wave of price increases.

    Calls for Government Action

    Asserting that these issues are far from temporary, Morawiecki stressed the need for government intervention. He reminded the public of his party’s continuous appeals to maintain the zero VAT on food and other protective measures, which were ignored. Morawiecki vowed that the opposition would persistently demand actions to protect Polish families from rising prices.

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