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    Foster Parenting Day in Poland: Recognizing the Importance of Substitute Parenthood

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    Foster Parenting Day is a significant celebration in Poland, observed on May 30th since 2006, as designated by the resolution of the Polish Parliament. The purpose of this day is to improve the lives of rejected and orphaned children by promoting the concept of foster parenting. Since 1997, the Association of Substitute Parenting, a public benefit organization, has been actively operating in Poland.

    This special day serves as a platform to raise awareness about foster care and its positive impact on children in need. It highlights the vital role played by foster parents in providing a loving and supportive environment for those who have experienced rejection or the loss of their biological parents.

    Through events and initiatives organized on Foster Parenting Day, the aim is to encourage more individuals and families to consider becoming foster parents and provide a safe haven for vulnerable children. By popularizing the concept of substitute parenthood, the celebration seeks to foster a society where every child has an opportunity to grow, thrive, and experience the love and care they deserve.

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