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    Fostering Leadership in Research and Development: NCBR’s LIDER Program Opens 15th Edition

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    The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) is set to launch the 15th edition of its Leadership Initiative in Development, Education, and Research (LIDER) program. Aspiring young scientists can vie for grants of up to PLN 1.8 million to spearhead their research and development projects. The application window opens on February 19 and closes on March 29, 2024.

    LIDER aims to cultivate expertise in autonomously planning research and managing research teams. NCBR has earmarked a total of PLN 80 million to support applied research and development projects in this edition. The initiative is inclusive, inviting participants from diverse scientific fields, including doctoral candidates, academic teachers without a Ph.D., and those with doctoral or habilitation degrees.

    Dr. Jacek Orzeł, NCBR’s director, emphasizes the need for capable leaders, especially in times of crisis. The program seeks individuals capable of rallying teams toward common goals. LIDER has already produced 546 leaders since its launch in 2009.

    Young researchers are encouraged to submit their innovative ideas, fostering a culture of leadership in science. The collaborative nature of the projects ensures engagement with academic institutions and research networks, further enriching the scientific landscape.

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