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    Funeral Ceremony of Kopański and Eichler at Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw

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    General Kopański and Lieutenant Colonel Eichler, defenders and symbols of Polish resilience, found their final resting place in a moving ceremony at Powązki Military Cemetery yesterday.

    In a solemn state ceremony, the remains of General Stanisław Kopański, the legendary defender of Tobruk, and Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Eichler, a prominent figure in Polish emigration, were repatriated from the United Kingdom and laid to rest at the Powązki Military Cemetery.

    Journey from London

    The ashes of General Kopański and Lieutenant Colonel Eichler were brought from London, where they had rested at Northwood and Morden Cemeteries. A farewell ceremony took place at St. Andrew Bobola’s Church in London on December 3, attended by the Polish Ambassador to the UK, family members, and representatives of the Polish diaspora.

    General Stanisław Kopański, born in 1895 in Petersburg, earned the nickname “One-eyed” after losing an eye in the 1919 Vilnius operation.

    Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Eichler, born in 1892 in Sosnowiec, fought in the Polish Legions and later in General Anders’ army during World War II.

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