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    Gacek the cat from Szczecin is out of shape

    Gacek, Szczecin’s famous cat, is facing a mission of slimming down. The homeless cat, who resides in the city centre’s Kaszubska Street, was just taken to a temporary home for a vet check-up, where the diagnosis left no room for doubt: Gacek needs to shed some pounds.

    On the 29th of March, inspectors from the Society for the Care of Animals were finally successful in catching the black and white cat, in a process that had been planned by organisations taking care of free-living cats for some time. The Szczecin TOZ is officially responsible for Gacek’s medical care, as the cat – despite being a beloved symbol of the city – has no guardian. For years Gacek has been fed by locals and finds shelter in a shed in Kaszubska Street.

    Now, with a diagnosis of obesity, Gacek must embark on a mission to slim down and regain his health

    Gacek, the fluffy celebrity cat from Szczecin, has been making headlines recently after undergoing a comprehensive examination at the TOZ clinic. Despite clean blood test results, the cat was diagnosed with a painful joint condition, for which he has been prescribed medication. Unfortunately, the clinic also determined that Gacek needs to slim down, shedding a whopping 4-5 kilograms.

    Fortunately, Gacek has been feeling well in his temporary home and has taken a liking to being combed

    His fame began to soar when he became a top-rated tourist attraction in Szczecin, with more than 3,400 reviews from delighted tourists on Google Maps raving about their encounters with him. Media outlets around the globe have since picked up the story, making Gacek an international celebrity.

    Last month, Gacek, the beloved cat of the neighbourhood, was the target of a shocking attempted kidnapping! His neighbours, who regularly feed him, were so concerned for his safety that they even installed CCTV cameras to make sure no one tried to abduct him. But despite their efforts, what will become of Gacek? Will he ever return to the street, or remain in hiding? For now, the answer remains a mystery.

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