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    Gas Prices Set to Surge in Poland Starting July

    Polish consumers brace for a significant hike in gas prices beginning July 1st, attributed to the expiration of protective shields. PGNiG, the national gas company, announced adjustments to both sales and delivery tariffs, anticipating bills to soar by up to 50%.

    Reasons Behind the Increase

    PGNiG Retail Trade will raise gas prices by approximately 45%, from 24.62 gr/kWh to 35.79 gr/kWh gross (from 20.02 gr/kWh to 29.10 gr/kWh net) for high-methane gas type E.

    Distribution fees will also surge, with variable charges spiking by about 55%, from 5.43 gr/kWh to 8.41 gr/kWh gross, and fixed fees skyrocketing by 59%, from 3.85 PLN per month to 6.13 PLN per month gross in tariff group W-1.1. This translates to a projected 50-60% increase in gas bills in the latter half of 2024 compared to 2022 (when energy prices were frozen).

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