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    Gdańsk University of Technology Designs Innovative Muzzle Device to Reduce Sniper Rifle Recoil

    The Gdańsk University of Technology’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology has made a significant breakthrough in firearm technology with the development of a muzzle device designed to reduce recoil in sniper rifles. This groundbreaking invention is set to greatly enhance the control and accuracy of the weapon, as announced by the university’s press office.

    The muzzle device, which was the focus of a master’s thesis project, has been divided into three key parts: reaction, action, and reaction-action. The device’s first component directs gases backward, effectively counteracting the rifle’s backward movement and reducing felt recoil. The second part is connected to dynamic pressure, with the pressure hitting the brake walls and propelling the firearm forward.

    Reducing recoil is of utmost importance for shooters, as it directly impacts their ability to control the weapon. Excessive recoil can lead to decreased accuracy, discomfort during shooting, and even potential injuries for the shooter. Recognizing the need for an effective solution, MSc. Kornel Piłat, the author of the project and an avid sports shooter himself, undertook the task of developing an innovative muzzle brake.

    MSc. Karol Piłat, drawing on his expertise and passion for shooting, created a model of the muzzle brake’s geometry and compared it to existing solutions available on the market. Through extensive theoretical and experimental analyses, including flow simulations using Ansys Fluent, Piłat determined the effectiveness of his design in reducing recoil forces and studied pressure and temperature fields.

    Real-world testing of the project took place at the shooting range in Dąbrówka, validating the efficacy of the muzzle device under practical conditions. The research also delved into an in-depth analysis of recoil and barrel jump phenomena, explaining their impact on the weapon and the shooter. Various types of muzzle devices were explored, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

    Professor Jerzy Ejsmont from the Institute of Mechanics and Machine Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology, supervised the master’s thesis project. The development of this innovative muzzle device marks a significant advancement in firearm technology, contributing to improved accuracy, shooter comfort, and overall shooting experience.

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