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    Germany: 29-year-old Polish woman runs away with police car

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    Scenes like in an action movie played out on the A9 motorway near Leipzig in Germany. Stopped for driving against the flow of traffic, the Polish woman took advantage of the inattention of uniformed officers, sat behind the wheel of a police car and drove off with the blue roof lights on.

    On Wednesday, the portal reported a German police spokeswoman as saying that the VW driver was spotted by officers in an unmarked vehicle at around 1.40 am on motorway A9 in the direction of Munich, as she was driving at around 140 kilometres per hour on a “Tempo-80” construction site. 

    “They decided to stop and check the driver. Both the drug test and the breath test were negative,” the spokeswoman said. The 29-year-old was then allowed to continue driving.

    Further offences

    About an hour later, police said they had been informed by an emergency call that the VW Golf, which had been stopped earlier, was then driving against traffic. The woman was driving on the road towards Munich – but was heading towards Berlin.

    Police officers left their vehicle with its blue roof lights on and escorted the 29-year-old out of the car. She was taken to the police car, and then, the spokeswoman said, the officers wanted to secure the unlit car of the driver.

    “While setting up the security equipment, the suspect suddenly got into the emergency vehicle and the police car fled in the direction of Berlin,” the police spokeswoman explained the situation. “The vehicle was stopped a little later on state road 2 between the locations of Zwochau and Lissa by the emergency services of the police station in Delitzsch.”

    Police officers carried out another breath test for alcohol and drugs there. These were again negative. However, the competent prosecutor ordered a blood test to be taken from the Polish woman. However, the results of this test are not yet available.

    According to a police spokeswoman, the woman was prosecuted for unauthorized use of a vehicle and posing threat to road safety.

    Police officers are now looking for witnesses who can provide information on the facts of the case.

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