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    Germany’s view of China is that of a rival [POLAND DAILY NEWS]

    Eighty years on from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the presidents of Poland, Israel and Germany marked the heroism of those who took part with a warning to the world against sowing hatred on Wednesday.  In 1940, German occupiers corralled over 400,000 Jews into a small section of the Polish capital, Warsaw from where most were then sent to camps to be killed or died from the conditions within the ghetto, but on 19th April 1943 hundreds took up arms.

    German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock described parts of her recent trip to China as “more than shocking” and said Beijing was increasingly becoming a systemic rival more than a trade partner and competitor. The blunt remarks followed Baerbock’s visit to Beijing last week where she warned that any attempt by China to control Taiwan would be unacceptable.

    On Tuesday the European Parliament approved sweeping reforms to make EU climate change policies more ambitious, including an upgrade of the bloc’s carbon market that is set to increase the cost of polluting inEurope. Europe’s carbon market forces power plants and factories to buy CO2 permits when they pollute. It has slashed those sectors’ emissions by 43% since 2005, but is facing a revamp to hit more ambitious EUclimate change targets.


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