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    Government official warns of increasing cyber-attacks

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    A senior Polish security official declared on Thursday that cyber-attacks on the country have become an everyday occurrence.

    Two days after a cyberattack attributed to the Russian security services took down a government website, Stanisław Żaryn, the government commissioner for information security, addressed reporters.

    Żaryn suggested that the breach of the tax portal was likely perpetrated by the pro-Russian hacker group known as NoName.

    “We had, in fact, a problem caused by the attack on the portal,” he said.

    But he added it was a “simple” attack by hacking standards.

    According to Żaryn, users’ access to the site had not been blocked and “there had been no leak of taxpayers’ data, either”.

    He maintained that such activity was now “routine” and that hackers often targeted both public and governmental sites, as well as private entities.

    He declared that they were currently facing a battle in the digital world, highlighting that this struggle was also against the Polish state and private organizations.

    Referring to the NoName group, Żaryn said it had recently been very active.

    He stated that the group was quite famous and their methods were uncomplicated yet annoying. Generally, they performed DDoS assaults, which were not capable of damaging either systems or data.


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