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    Grand Opening of the New Headquarters of the Polish Army Museum at the Warsaw Citadel

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    The eagerly awaited inauguration of the new headquarters of the Polish Army Museum (Muzeum Wojska Polskiego) is set to take place on August 13th, in the recently constructed exhibition pavilion situated within the historic Warsaw Citadel. The event will be graced by prominent figures including the Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Piotr Gliński.

    The ceremonial unveiling of the Museum on Plac Gwardii Pieszej Koronnej, in front of the main entrance to the exhibition pavilion, is scheduled for 1:00 PM. The occasion will be marked by the presence of the Polish Army Honor Guard, a military orchestra, and infantry and cavalry historical reenactors. A captivating display of fencing and an artillery salute will herald the museum’s official opening.

    Historical Showcase and Exhibitions

    A highlight of the day will be a parade featuring 200 historical reenactors in uniforms spanning from the 10th to the 20th century. The procession will march through the Nowomiejska Gate, adding a dramatic touch to the proceedings. Visitors can partake in a military picnic and witness demonstrations of historical reenactments, including fencing, knightly tournaments, equestrian shows, and artillery displays. The centerpiece of the event will be the inauguration of the exhibition “1000 Years of Polish Arms Glory,” curated by scenographer Prof. Marek Chowaniec. The showcase will feature nearly 3,000 invaluable artifacts from the museum’s extensive collection.

    Exhibits will be complemented by artistic backdrops depicting significant Polish historical sites such as the neoclassical colonnade of the Saxon Palace, Renaissance cloisters of Wawel Castle, and the Romanesque portal of the Czerwińsk Basilica. These visual representations will enhance the historical narrative conveyed by the artifacts. Intriguing dioramas, created using 3D printing, will capture pivotal moments in Polish military history, including the iconic charge of the Winged Hussars at Vienna in 1683 and the Battle of Raszyn in 1809.

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