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    Grandpa’s Day Celebrations Sweep Across Poland on January 22nd

    As the chilly winds of January blow across the country, Poland is aglow with the warmth of familial love as it celebrates Grandpa’s Day on January 22nd. Similar to the well-established Grandma’s Day tradition, this relatively newer addition to the Polish calendar is gaining widespread popularity, turning the day into a heartwarming celebration of grandfathers.

    Grandpa’s Day in Poland is marked by a sweet exchange of small gifts and heartfelt cards between grandchildren and their beloved grandfathers. The essence of the day goes beyond material presents, fostering a deeper connection between generations. 

    The origins of Grandpa’s Day in Poland can be traced back to the 1980s when the tradition was possibly imported from America. In the United States, the equivalent celebration is National Grandparents Day. However, interestingly, in America, there is a unified celebration for both grandmothers and grandfathers, taking place on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

    The gradual integration of Grandpa’s Day into Polish culture over the years showcases the universal desire to honour and appreciate grandparents. The tradition has seamlessly blended into the fabric of Polish society, making it a cherished part of the annual calendar.


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