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    Grilled Marshmallows Warning: Scientists Reveal Potential Health Risks

    Researchers from the Silesian Medical University caution that consuming grilled marshmallows may have adverse health effects due to proven carcinogenic and mutagenic substances resulting from the grilling process.

    Investigating Grilled Delicacies

    The Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze at the Silesian University in Katowice has been researching the harmful effects of grilled food, focusing on identifying aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in grilled marshmallows. Simultaneously, they assess the awareness of children and youth regarding the impact of these treats on health.

    Carcinogenic Compounds Unveiled

    PAHs, formed during the pyrolysis of marshmallow ingredients, including sugars and amino acids, exhibit cytotoxic properties. Collaborative studies confirm the cytotoxicity of isolated extracts from grilled marshmallows, raising concerns about potential mutagenic and carcinogenic impacts on health.

    Varied Grilling Methods and Risks

    While “raw” marshmallows lacked PAHs, the concentration profiles in extracts from differently grilled ones were strikingly similar, irrespective of the grilling method. Results indicate a considerable risk of exposure to carcinogenic PAHs, especially for youth fond of consuming grilled marshmallows.

    Colorful Marshmallows Intensify Risks

    Grilled marshmallows, especially the colorful ones, exhibit higher cytotoxicity and PAH concentrations compared to their white counterparts. The study suggests a lack of public awareness regarding the harmful substances formed during thermal processing, emphasizing the need for potential restrictions on selling and distributing marshmallows designed for grilling.

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