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    Hanwha Aerospace to Unveil Advanced Defense Solutions at Eurosatory 2024

    South Korea’s premier aerospace and defence corporation, Hanwha Aerospace, is set to significantly impact Eurosatory 2024, the world’s largest defence exhibition, in Paris, France from June 17th to 21st. 

    At the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Hanwha Aerospace will showcase an array of cutting-edge defence technologies, particularly focusing on precision-guided weapons and artillery systems. Among the highlights is the full-size K239 Chunmoo Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MRLS), which will be exhibited in Europe for the first time. This display comes amid increasing interest from several regional countries in advanced long-range precision-guided systems, driven by escalating security concerns.

    Chunmoo MRLS: Hanwha Aerospace Showcases Versatile Rocket Artillery System with Global Reach and New User Community Initiative

    The Chunmoo MRLS stands out as a versatile rocket artillery system capable of launching various rockets and missiles, providing tactical flexibility for diverse operational needs. It boasts the capability to fire two different calibre rockets simultaneously with real-time precision. The system can launch 239mm and 280mm rockets, with ranges of 80km and 160km respectively, and a 290mm ballistic missile reaching up to 290km.

    Hanwha Aerospace to Unveil Advanced Defense Solutions at Eurosatory 2024

    Already operational with several international clients, the Chunmoo MRLS has seen Poland secure contracts for 288 units of its localized version, the HOMAR-K. Reflecting the growing global interest, Hanwha Aerospace is considering establishing a ‘Chunmoo User Club’ to cater to the expanding user base, especially in Europe. This club aims to foster a community akin to the K9 User Club, where member nations share operational insights and best practices.

    “Our goal is to become the most trusted partner of NATO countries, providing customized defence solutions and services through strong partnerships with the governments and industries concerned,” stated Mr. Jaeil Son, President and CEO of Hanwha Aerospace. “We are fully committed to localization efforts related to job creation, technology transfer, and local manufacturing and maintenance of equipment, which will contribute to national security and economic growth.”

    Explore Hanwha Aerospace Innovations at Eurosatory 2024: K9 Howitzer, Tactical Missiles, and Advanced Vehicles on Display

    Visitors to Eurosatory can also explore other Hanwha Aerospace innovations, including the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer, renowned as the world’s leading tracked howitzer and currently in service with nine nations, five of which are NATO members: Poland, Finland, Norway, Estonia, and Türkiye. Additional exhibits will feature the TAipers tactical guided missile, designed for both manned and unmanned vehicles; the 155mm artillery Modular Charge System; the Arion-SMET multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle; and the Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

    Hanwha Aerospace invites attendees to visit their booth in Hall 6, stand B279, to discover more about their advanced defence solutions.

    About Hanwha Aerospace

    Founded in 1977, Hanwha Aerospace is a global leader in aerospace and defense, offering a diverse portfolio of world-class products and services. The company specializes in land combat vehicles such as the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer, Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and K239 Chunmoo Multiple Rocket Launcher System, along with precision-guided munitions and engines for air, space, and sea platforms.

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