Historic Submarine “Sokół” Begins Journey to Maritime Museum

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In a significant development, the first stage of relocating the decommissioned submarine “Sokół” has concluded in Gdynia. The submarine, weighing over 350 tons, underwent refurbishment and was placed on a special pontoon, ready for its move to the Maritime Museum’s outdoor exhibition in the city center.

Preparing for the Move

Deputy Director of the Maritime Museum in Gdynia, Aleksander Gosk, revealed to “Dziennik Bałtycki” that on November 20, the process of transferring ORP “Sokół” to land would commence. To facilitate this, pallets will be arranged on the quay, and the submarine will be placed on wheeled platforms. On November 22, it will be transported a few hundred meters towards the beach, where a dedicated concrete foundation awaits its placement.

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Initially, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the exterior of ORP “Sokół.” However, by late May or early June 2024, the completion of interior renovations will enable visitors to explore the submarine’s interiors.

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