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    Hollywood stars of Polish descent: Jesse Eisenberg

    Jesse Eisenberg, the talented American actor, writer, and playwright, is known for his roles in films like The Social NetworkZombieland, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite being born and raised in the United States, Eisenberg has a strong connection to his Polish roots.

    Eisenberg’s maternal grandparents were both Polish immigrants, and he has often spoken about his family’s ties to Poland. In interviews, he has discussed how his grandmother’s experience of surviving the Holocaust has influenced his work, including his play, “The Revisionist,” which explores themes of memory, family, and the aftermath of trauma.

    In addition to his personal connection to Poland, Eisenberg has also embraced the country’s culture and language. He has made several trips to Poland. Jesse has also been involved in cultural exchange programs between the United States and Poland.

    Jesse also spoke about his Polish roots in an interview with Anna Wendzikowska ⤵️

    ‘Hummingbird Project’ shows the bonds of Polish heritage

    As an actor, Eisenberg has not shied away from taking on roles with Polish themes. In 2018, he starred in “The Hummingbird Project.” It’s a film about two cousins who attempt to build a fibre-optic cable from Kansas to New Jersey to beat the competition in high-frequency trading. The film’s director, Kim Nguyen, has described Eisenberg’s Polish heritage as an important factor in his casting, as the character he played had a Polish background.

    Jesse Eisenberg’s connection to his Polish heritage is a testament to the enduring power of family, memory, and cultural identity. His work as an actor, writer, and advocate for Polish culture has helped to bridge the divide between Poland and the United States and has shown that the bonds of heritage and history can transcend borders and time.

    Jesse Eisenberg to shoot ‘The Real Pain’ in Poland’s Lublin

    Hollywood director Jesse Eisenberg will soon be filming his latest project in the Polish city of Lublin. Titled ‘The Real Pain’, the feature film explores the complex relationship between two cousins, Benjy and David, portrayed by Kieran Culkin and Jesse Eisenberg, respectively. The film follows a road trip from New York to Warsaw and ultimately Krasnystaw, with many of Poland’s historical and cultural landmarks, specifically located in Lublin, serving as the backdrop. 

    The production will be in English. It is expected to reach a wide audience through international cinema releases, global film festivals, and streaming platforms. As the filming approaches, a call for extras is being announced, giving interested individuals a chance to be part of the Hollywood production.

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