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    Hollywood stars of Polish descent: John Krasinski 

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    John Krasinski is a multi-faceted talent who has taken Hollywood by storm over the past decade. The Massachusetts native with Polish roots first made a name for himself as Jim Halpert on the beloved NBC sitcom The Office, which earned him multiple Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination.

    John Krasinski, the American actor best known for his role in The Office, has recently revealed his Polish ancestry. Krasinski, who was born and raised in Massachusetts, has been vocal about his Polish roots for many years, but only recently has he begun to share more about his family’s ties to Poland.

    Krasinski’s father, Ronald Krasinski, is a Polish American, and his mother, Mary Clare, is of Irish and English descent. Krasinski has said that his grandparents immigrated to the United States from Poland and that his family has strong ties to the country.

    “John’s paternal grandfather was Leo Krasinski (the son of Wladislaw “Walter” Krasinski and Mary Tomajczyk). Leo was born in Pennsylvania. Wladislaw was born in Poland, the son of John Krasinski and Theophila Lyszkowska. Mary was born in New York, to Polish parents, Franciscus Tomajczyk and Valentina Gramińska,”

    one can read on Ethnicity of Celebs.

    In an interview, Krasinski admitted that he is of Polish descent. 

    While filming the movie 13 Hours, he and his co-star, David Denman, visited Poland to learn more about their ancestry. While in Poland, they visited the towns of Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk, and were even able to meet some of their relatives.

    Krasinski proud of Polish descent

    Krasinski is also proud to be of Polish descent and believes that the country has a great future ahead of it. He has also spoken of his desire to visit the country more often and do his part to help promote Polish culture.

    Krasinski has since gone on to become a prominent figure in both film and television. His movie career has taken off with lead roles in films such as Michael Bay’s 13 Hours, the critically acclaimed horror-thriller A Quiet Place, and the Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan. Krasinski has also recently taken on the role of director, writing, and helming A Quiet Place Part II.

    Krasinski’s success isn’t limited to his on-screen work. He is also an accomplished author, having written several children’s books and a memoir titled “Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself.”

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