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    Hussars – the pride of Polish history

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    Hussars are the pride and glory of the Polish army. Did you know that horses were bred in the country, initially they were based on Polish breeds derived from the tarpan? Check this article for more information about Polish hussars.

    Hussars was a heavy Polish cavalry that was one of the most recognizable symbols of Poland in the world. Its origins date back to the 16th century, and its heyday was in the 17th century.

    Hussars were known for their unique uniform, which consisted of a characteristic hussar wing, hussar helmet, and armor. The hussar wing was made of eagle or raven feathers, which were mounted on a wooden structure. Thanks to the hussar wing, the hussars appeared larger and more imposing in battle.

    Hussars took part in many battles, including those at Kircholm, Klushin, and Vienna. During the battles, the hussars always stood on the front line, making their participation in the fight extremely important.

    Hussars were also very well-trained and equipped with weapons. The hussars had sabers, rapiers, and rifles, making them some of the best-equipped cavalry in the world.

    Hussars were a symbol not only of strength and power but also of national pride. Therefore, its image has been repeatedly used in art, literature, and film.

    Today, Hussars remain one of the most important symbols of Poland, and hussar wings have become not only a popular gadget but also a symbol of Polish creativity and innovation.

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