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    Ignacy Łukasiewicz – The Inventor Who Changed the World with His Oil Lamp

    Ignacy Łukasiewicz is a figure who has made a name for himself in the history of Poland and the world as the inventor of the oil lamp and the precursor of the oil industry.

    What's interesting, yesterday there was the 201 anniversary of Łukasiewicz's birthday (March 8).

    Ignacy Łukasiewicz was born in 1822 in the town of Zaduszniki near Bóbrka in Galicia, which was then part of Austria. He began his career as a pharmacist, but he quickly became interested in oil, which at that time was only used as a medicine for skin diseases and rheumatic pains. Together with another inventor, Karol Klobassa, he started working on using crude oil as a source of energy. In 1853, they succeeded in developing a method of distilling oil, which allowed them to obtain purified oil, especially lamp oil.

    This invention changed the face of the oil and lighting industry around the world. Soon after Łukasiewicz and Klobassa patented their oil distillation method, they began building the first lamp oil factories. In 1856, Łukasiewicz founded the world’s first oil refinery in Gorlice.

    Thanks to Ignacy Łukasiewicz’s invention, people’s lives became easier and safer. The entire infrastructure of cities also changed, with the introduction of street lighting, which increased safety and allowed cities to function even after dark.

    Today, 200 years after the birth of Ignacy Łukasiewicz, it is worth recalling the memory of this outstanding inventor, whose discovery influenced the technological and industrial development of the whole world. Łukasiewicz has become a symbol of entrepreneurship, inventiveness, and determination, and his contribution to the development of the oil and lighting industry will remain unforgettable.

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