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    Igor Janik Triumphs at the World University Blitz Chess Championship

    The World University Mind Sports Championships held in Entebbe, Uganda, concluded with a stunning performance by Igor Janik from Elbląg. Janik, representing the Leon Koźmiński Academy, secured the gold medal in the blitz chess category. This victory marks a significant improvement from his previous accomplishment two years ago, where he earned a silver medal.

    High-Level Competition

    Janik faced a challenging tournament filled with high-caliber players. Despite many competitors being relatively unknown, which made it difficult to anticipate their strategies, Janik navigated through the rounds with precision. His dedication and skill culminated in a triumphant finish, securing him the top spot on the podium.

    Accompanying Janik on the podium were silver medalist Richard Mladek from Czechia and bronze medalist Richard Turcana from Slovakia. Their commendable performances contributed to a memorable and competitive championship, highlighting the diverse talent present at the event.

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