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    Intel Plans Chip Factory in Germany, Leaving Polish Investment in Question

    American semiconductor giant Intel has applied to build two chip factories in Magdeburg, Germany. This development, currently under review by the National Administrative Office, marks the largest permitting procedure in the country. The news has sparked a wave of reactions among local residents and environmental groups, who now have the opportunity to raise objections.

    According to, a team of environmental experts is scrutinizing Intel’s construction application, highlighting the importance of this procedure in the overall administrative process. The proposal was initially filed by Intel in November 2023 and has undergone preliminary checks by a team of engineers from the National Administration Office.

    However, the project hinges on the approval of nearly 10 billion euros in EU subsidies by the European Commission before construction can commence, contingent on the granting of the building permit.

    Sven Schulze, the Minister of Economy for Saxony-Anhalt from the CDU party, expressed optimism regarding the project’s progress. “I was in Brussels last Friday asking about this. I was told that we are on a good path and that Intel has submitted all the necessary applications. I expect a decision from the European Commission by summer,” Schulze told

    Uncertainty Surrounds Intel’s Plans in Poland

    While Intel’s ambitions in Germany advance, questions arise about its previously announced investment in Poland. Eight months after declaring the construction of a semiconductor plant, Intel has yet to purchase a plot for the investment. Gazeta Prawna highlighted the ongoing uncertainty, noting that despite the announcement, no land has been acquired in the Legnica Special Economic Zone.

    Aleksandra Bojanowska, responsible for Intel’s communications in Poland, provided a non-committal response when inquired about the status of discussions concerning the land purchase, stating, “At this stage, we do not have detailed information.”

    The situation has drawn criticism from experts and journalists alike. Aleksandra Fedorska, a German affairs expert and journalist, voiced her concerns via the X platform, describing the situation as scandalous. “ reports today that Intel is already applying for a construction permit in Magdeburg, while here we don’t even have a plot. This is a scandal, people,” Fedorska commented.

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