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    International Team to Translate Oldest Orthodox Manuscript from Supraśl Monastery

    A global team of scholars has embarked on a five-year project to translate and analyze the oldest liturgical manuscript from the Orthodox monastery in Supraśl, Poland. Explore the cultural richness of Supraśl Monastery as an international team translates the oldest Orthodox manuscript, unveiling historical insights.

    Project Significance and Funding

    The University of Białystok secured nearly 990,000 PLN in funding from the National Program for the Development of Humanities.

    The Supraśl Anthologion: A Historical Treasure

    The focus is on the Supraśl Anthologion by Matthew the Tenth, dated 1507, a unique cultural relic from the early 16th century. Housed in Petersburg’s library, the manuscript, untouched and comprising 288 pages, features the typicon (monastic rule) and minieja (liturgical book).

    International Research Team and Methodology

    A diverse team of 22 researchers from Poland, Italy, Lithuania, and Ukraine aims to decipher and present historical insights. Project lead Rev. Dr. Marek Ławreszuk emphasizes its significance as local heritage, shedding light on Supraśl’s vibrant monastic center.

    Preserving Local Heritage: The Supraśl Monastery’s Role

    Working with copies due to the original being in Russia, the team seeks to reclaim its Polish identity and integrate findings into three volumes: typicon, minieja, and a comprehensive study.

    Reclaiming Identity: Translating Cyrillic Manuscripts

    This follows the success of the “Dictionary of Polish Orthodox Terminology,” continuing the collaboration between the Department of Orthodox Theology and the Faculty of Philology at the University of Białystok.

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