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    Israeli Ambassador Commends Polish President for Efforts in Hostage Crisis

    Israeli Ambassador to Poland, Yacov Livne, expressed gratitude towards Polish President Andrzej Duda for his unwavering commitment to securing the release of hostages taken by Hamas. Livne took to the X platform last Friday, publicly thanking President Duda for his dedication and assistance in the matter.

    The situation revolves around Alex Danzig, a Warsaw-born Israeli historian and advocate for Polish-Israeli cooperation, who holds Polish citizenship. Danzig’s son, Yuval Danzig, met with President Duda at the Presidential Palace last Friday. The meeting was arranged at the request of the Danzig family. Alex Danzig was likely kidnapped by Hamas during their attack on Israel on October 7. Since the incident, there has been no contact with him, and it is strongly believed that he is being held captive in the Gaza Strip.

    Born in Poland in 1948, Alex Danzig moved to Israel in 1957. He has a remarkable legacy, having served as a dedicated employee of the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem and as a former Israeli soldier. Throughout his life, Danzig worked tirelessly to foster stronger relations between Poland and Israel. His disappearance has deeply concerned both nations, prompting diplomatic efforts to ensure his safe return.

    The meeting between President Duda and Yuval Danzig signifies the collaborative international efforts to resolve this crisis and highlights the importance of solidarity in times of adversity. The situation continues to be monitored closely as both countries work together to secure Alex Danzig’s safe release.


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