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    Istebna aspires to become Best Tourism Village

    Istebna is the only Polish village recognised by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) as an aspiring Best Tourism Village. It was pointed out that this village has a chance to be listed in the ranking of the Best Tourism Villages in the World.

    The World Tourism Organisation has once again published its list of the “Best Tourism Villages” 2022. There are 32 destinations from 18 countries included in the list. 

    The Commission compiled the list taking into account cultural and natural wealth, promotion and preservation of cultural assets. They also analyzed the economic, social and environmental sustainability, infrastructure and safety.

    “The ‘Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO’ recognizes villages that are an outstanding example of a rural tourism destination with accredited cultural and natural assets, that preserve and promote rural and community-based values, products, and lifestyle and have a clear commitment to innovation and sustainability in all its aspects – economic, social and environmental,”

    one can read on UNWTO website.

    The organisation also published a list of 20 destinations aspiring to become the ‘Best Tourism Villages.’ Here one can find a Polish beautiful village – Istebna! 

    “The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has once again published its list of the ‘World’s Best Tourism Villages’ of 2022. This elite group includes only 32 destinations from 18 countries. The organisation has also published a list of 20 localities aspiring to become the “Best Tourism Villages,” which also includes a village from the Silesian Voivodeship – Istebna from the Istebna Commune,”

    we can read on Istebna’s website on Facebook.

    Now, the Polish village is placed on the ‘Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO’ Upgrade Programme list. What’s interesting the programme benefits a number of villages that do not fully meet the criteria to receive recognition. Istebna will receive support from UNWTO and its Partners to improve elements of the areas identified as gaps in the evaluation process. 

    Istebna is located in the Cieszyn district (Silesian Voivodeship). There is a population of 5 000 and it is located near the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. What is more, it is integrated into the mountainous and forested areas of the Silesian Beskid.

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