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    It Needs Neither Petrol nor Electricity. Polish Scientists’ Combustion Engine Captures Global Attention

    Despite being an internal combustion engine, it needs no petrol. Automotive giants might envy this innovative solution developed in Cracow. According to its creators, it represents a significant advancement in the exploration of new technology.

    Research on utilizing hydrogen as a fuel in piston combustion engines has been ongoing at the Cracow University of Technology since the 1980s. On January 29th, a demonstration of the latest invention by Krakow’s engineers was showcased, giving attendees a glimpse into a device that may find applications in the automotive and transport sectors.

    Hydrogen is emerging as a promising alternative to conventional fuels such as gasoline or diesel. Its production can be undertaken in virtually any country, eliminating the need to import fuel from specific resource-rich regions. This could greatly improve supply chains and market stability, which would no longer be dependent on political relations between countries.

    Furthermore, hydrogen fuel offers advantages over vehicles powered directly by electricity. There’s no concern over sudden battery depletion or decreased capacity in colder temperatures, etc. Compared to gasoline or diesel, hydrogen fuel produces no pollutants, emissions, or carbon dioxide. Every car maniac has to listen to its sound.

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