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    It’s high time to pick pine cones 

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    The winter season is usually associated with winter sports, Christmas, and cold days. Winter season, however, is a busy time for foresters. They not only take care of wild animals, and forests but also pick pine cones! 

    Pine cones are picked in the winter months. They are then ripe, thanks to the low temperature closed and therefore full of seeds.

    One way is to harvest from standing trees, especially earlier selected ones. Arborists select trees with due diligence. After harvesting, the cones go to a seed extraction plant. The seeds collected will be sown in the forest nurseries in spring.

    State Forests also provide us with some trivia concerning pine cones. First of all, several kilograms of cones are usually collected from one tree. Secondly, from 100 kg of cones, approximately 1 -2 kg of pine seeds are obtained and finally from 30 dag of seed sown in an area of 1 acre, around 15-18,000 seedlings usually sprout. What’s interesting, such a number of saplings will make it possible to afforest or reforest about 2 hectares of land.  

    State Forests / press material

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