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    Jakub Gałęziowski Receives Tadeusz Kotarbiński Award for Outstanding Research in Humanities

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    The University of Łódź awarded Jakub Gałęziowski the Tadeusz Kotarbiński Prize, recognizing his exceptional work in the field of humanities. The laureate, honored for his book “Untold Biographies: Polish Children Born Because of War,” will receive 70,000 PLN for further research.

    Breaking the Silence on War’s Impact

    Gałęziowski, a Ph.D. in history from the University of Augsburg and the University of Warsaw, explores the lives of Polish children born during World War II, addressing wartime sexual violence, post-war abortions, and single motherhood. The book challenges the pact of silence and aims to integrate the experiences of mothers and children into collective memory.

    Recognition for Gałęziowski’s Approach

    Professor Tadeusz Sławek of the University of Silesia, justifying the decision, highlighted the book’s uniqueness in portraying individuals not as representatives of wartime craft but as embodiments of life that necessitates peace and care. The work emphasizes the necessity of discussing the trauma of war and rejects the conspiracy of silence.

    Gałęziowski’s Response

    Surprised by the recognition, Gałęziowski expressed gratitude for the opportunity to bring attention to the experiences of those affected by war. He believes that breaking the silence has a healing power, allowing society to react appropriately to those who have suffered. The award ceremony took place at the Łódź Philharmonic during the ninth edition of the Tadeusz Kotarbiński Prize gala.

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