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    Jakub Szymański Smashes Polish Record in Dusseldorf’s 60-Meter Hurdles

    In a stunning performance in Dusseldorf, 21-year-old Jakub Szymański smashed the Polish record in the 60-meter hurdles, finishing in an impressive 7.47 seconds. Surpassing the previous record set by Damian Czykier by just 0.01 seconds, Szymański solidifies his position as a rising star in Polish athletics.

    Amid fierce competition, Szymański emerged as the uncontested champion, securing not only victory in Dusseldorf but also claiming the top spot in the European rankings for the year. His outstanding achievement includes matching the world’s best time recorded since January, sharing this distinction with American athlete Trey Cunningham.

    Jakub Szymański’s record-breaking run cements his status as a standout figure in the world of track and field, promising more thrilling performances in the upcoming competitions.

    “The best Poles in the history of the 60-meter hurdles: 7.47 Jakub Szymański (2024), 7.48 Damian Czykier (2022), 7.51 Tomasz Ścigaczewski (1999), 7.54 Tomasz Nagórka (1992), 7.60 Krzysztof Mehlich (1999), 7.61 Ronald Mehlich (1998),”

    Athletics News wrote on X.

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