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    Journey Through Time at Festival of Prehistoric and Ancient Culture

    The Ostrowiec Festival of Prehistoric and Ancient Culture is a unique event that combines the spirit of Krzemionki Meetings with the People and Iron project, organized by the Świętokrzyskie Industrial Heritage Association for almost a quarter of a century. For three years now, the festival has been bringing together the rich cultural heritage of the Krzemionki region, spanning from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The festival offers a captivating journey through time, with various workshops, educational sessions, reenactments, and ethnic music concerts.

    Reenactors from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine create an immersive experience, showcasing the lives of people living in the Ostrowiec region during different periods, including the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages. The festival features group presentations like prehistoric and ancient fashion shows, thrilling gladiator fights, Roman sports competitions, and simulated battles between barbarians and Romans.

    The festival’s special emphasis lies on demonstrations of iron production, including the spectacular dismantling of iron smelting furnaces and the shaping of iron on a blacksmith’s forge.

    Adding to the ambiance, the legendary ethnic group Open Folk returns to the stage after years, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in sounds and melodies akin to those heard thousands of years ago on these lands.

    Various organizations and associations, such as Terra Operta, Terra Celtica, Projekt Carrodunum, and more, actively engage in promoting knowledge about prehistory and antiquity both locally and internationally.

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