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    Kaczyński: TV Republika is wonderful. Democracy requires media pluralism

    The leader of the opposition Law and Justice party (PiS), Jarosław Kaczyński, accused the new government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk of representing the interests of Western states rather than those of their own country. „To the east, there is war, and from the west, they want to subjugate us. They want to create a territory inhabited by Poles but governed from outside” warned Jarosław Kaczyński. He explained that those who recently wore shirts with the slogan „Constitution” are now trampling on it. „Democracy requires media pluralism so that different views can be presented. TV Republika is wonderful, but there cannot be just one. We need to regain media strength so that there is democracy in Poland” said the PiS chairman. Kaczyński spoke during the „Protest of Free Poles” demonstration organized in front of the Constitutional Tribunal in Warsaw. The opposition is defending the Tribunal against a forcible takeover by the new government, which has unlawfully taken over public media, is attempting to take over the prosecution, and plans to politicize the Constitutional Tribunal. „Without an independent Constitutional Tribunal, there is no rule of law” declared Chairman Kaczyński.

    New Informative Show Debuts on Telewizja Republika

    Telewizja Republika has launched a new weekend news program under the "Express" brand. The show, titled "Express Republiki Luz," is hosted by Natalia Rzeźniczak,...