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    Kaczyński’s Call to Action: Poland’s Imperative for a ‘Yes’ Future

    In a charged atmosphere at a PiS (Law and Justice Party) convention, Jarosław Kaczyński, the party’s leader, didn’t hold back in his critique of what he dubbed the “liquidators’ government” under the Tusk administration. His message was clear: it’s time for Poland to embrace a bold, affirmative approach to its development.

    “Under our leadership, Poland forged ahead on a path of progress, with one clear goal – to enhance the lives of our people,” Kaczyński declared. Yet, he couldn’t hide his dismay at the recent turn of events since December. According to him, the current government has been stuck in a cycle of denial. “Poland must become a nation of ‘yes’ – yes to investments, yes to innovation in all its forms, and above all, yes to development,” he insisted, his voice resonating with passion.

    Kaczyński didn’t mince words when criticizing the incumbent administration’s penchant for what he termed “liquidation.” “This government could be likened to liquidators. It’s set on dismantling what was once the pride of Poland, to liquidate its achievements. But Poland deserves better,” he asserted firmly.

    “We all need to adopt an affirmative stance – for investments, for fostering various forms of innovation, and most importantly, for driving development forward. Yet, there’s a deafening silence on these crucial matters. Under our governance, Poland was on a clear trajectory of progress, aimed at ensuring a better life for every citizen. But now, it feels like we’ve wandered into a dark alley with no visible exit. This must change. And that’s why, from the heart of our capital, we must proclaim loudly: we stand in favour,” he concluded, his voice ringing with determination.

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