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    ‘Kopytka’: Polish potato dumplings recipe

    Polish ‘Kopytka’ is a type of thick, diamond-shaped potato dumplings served with gravy and meat or cream, sugar, and butter. Check the recipe below:


    • 1kg(35oz) of boiled potatoes
    • 9 heaped tablespoons of plain white wheat flour – about 230 g
    • 1 egg
    • a flat teaspoon of salt


    • Boil and mince the potatos. Then, combine them with the remaining ingredients and quickly form an elastic dough. The time of mixing is of great importance, because during this process the potato mass releases the water accumulated in it, which increases the consumption of flour.
    • The kneaded dough should be divided into small pieces and formed into rolls with a diameter of approx. 3 cm.
    • Then, after slightly flattening the formed cylinders, they should be cut to form characteristic diamonds.
    • Cook the dumplings in a large amount of boiling, salted water and stirr gently from time to time. After floating to the surface of the water, the dumplings are ready to eat.

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