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    Kornelia Gołębiewska Secures Top 22 Spot in Miss Intercontinental 2023

    The dazzling finale of Miss Intercontinental 2023, held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, unfolded on December 15th, crowning 25-year-old Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat from Thailand as the epitome of global beauty. Passing on the coveted title was last year’s winner, Lê Nguyễn Bảo Ngọc from Vietnam, marking the 51st edition of the prestigious competition.

    Representing Poland with grace and poise, Kornelia Gołębiewska earned a coveted spot in the Top 22, showcasing her charisma on the international stage. The event brought together stunning contestants from diverse continents, each vying for the title of the most beautiful woman.

    The grandeur of the gala underscored the significance of Miss Intercontinental as a platform that transcends borders, celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and cultural richness of women worldwide. Kornelia Gołębiewska’s inclusion in the elite Top 22 is a testament to her elegance and allure on the global stage.

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