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    Krynica Forum 2023 Highlights Regional Security and Cooperation

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    Krynica Forum 2023, a prestigious congress held in Poland, focused on regional security, with leaders from politics, business, and academia convening to discuss critical issues.

    Krynica Forum is an event which gathers representatives of business, politics and academia circles. It provides participants with a platform to exchange best practices, insightful expertise, to network and to build relationships. All in the interest of strengthening security, social integrity and the economic status of both Poland and the CEE region.

    In the picturesque spa town of Krynica, Poland, the Krynica Forum 2023 brought together an array of global leaders, including the Presidents of Poland, Lithuania, and Slovenia, and the Prime Minister of South Korea, alongside over 2300 other distinguished guests from the realms of politics, culture, science, and business. This year’s central theme was “Empowering the Region,” emphasizing the growing role of regions within the European Union and the world, particularly since the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    A pivotal point of the program was the Poland-Korea Forum, opening doors to potentially lucrative economic and military contracts. Piotr Krasnowolski, spokesperson for Krynica Forum 2023, highlighted the significance of the Małopolska region, bordering Ukraine, in supplying vital resources to allies and becoming a hub for companies involved in Ukrainian infrastructure reconstruction.

    The event featured over a hundred expert panels and numerous behind-the-scenes discussions, reflecting the importance of multifaceted security in today’s world. Notable attendees included President Andrzej Duda, President Gitanas Nausėda, and Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, as well as key business figures like Rafał Brzoska of InPost and representatives of the SME sector, which contributes significantly to Poland’s GDP.

    Presidents of Poland and Lithuania jointly participated in a debate on “Security Architecture in the Region after February 24, 2022: The Special Role of Poland and Lithuania in the Context of Russia’s Aggression on Ukraine.” President Andrzej Duda stressed the crucial role of cooperation with Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia-bordering countries in ensuring global security.

    Regional security, in its broadest sense, remained the focus throughout the three-day congress. The Poland-Korea Forum, symbolizing the burgeoning Polish-Korean partnership in military and nuclear energy sectors, garnered substantial attention.

    The Krynica Forum served as a platform for open exchange of ideas, fostering social cohesion, and strengthening Poland’s and Central and Eastern European countries’ economic positions. The recurring theme of the Three Seas Initiative, promoting cooperation among states between the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas, demonstrated its relevance amid infrastructure projects and aid efforts for Ukraine.

    In closing, President Andrzej Duda reaffirmed the importance of this initiative, particularly in facilitating the movement of supplies and aid to Ukraine. Krynica Forum 2023, in partnership with Małopolskie Voivodeship and the City of Krakow, continues to drive discussions on regional security and cooperation, making it a significant event on the global stage. For more details, visit the event’s website.

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