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    “Kulisy Manipulacji”: Will Vladimir Putin kill Donald Tusk?

    On last Friday’s episode of “Kulisy Manipulacji,” hosts discussed whether Donald Tusk was a victim of hate and persecution due to a controversial Civic Platform ad. Andrzej Szejna and a Wirtualna Polska journalist strongly believed he was. Guest Dawid Wildstein, along with Katarzyna Gójska and Piotr Lisiewicz, analyzed the chaos in Polish media, exploring its origins and its role in societal polarization.

    Manipulation thrives on introducing absurd and false ideas into public debate. Tomasz Piątek was highlighted as an example, allegedly using Russian propaganda to skew discussions. The goal of such disinformation isn’t just spreading lies, but pushing societal tolerance of absurdity, eroding the field for genuine conversation.

    Propagandists aim to create uncertainty and distrust, making verification of facts difficult. Over time, even the most outlandish claims gain traction, contributing to the desired chaos. This media control makes combating falsehoods challenging. An informed society is crucial for truth, and Telewizja Republika calls for support to reach all Poles, emphasizing the importance of media choice.

    Watch the last episode of “Kulisy Manipulacji” online:

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