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    Lech Kaczyński’s Secret Registration in the ABW: A Shocking Revelation by Prof. Cenckiewicz

    In a stunning revelation, Professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz, co-author of the gripping series “Reset,” took to Twitter to expose a hidden truth from 2008. Lech Kaczyński, the late Polish president, had been registered in the secretive Anti-Terrorist Center of the Internal Security Agency (ABW) on October 25, 2008. What makes this revelation even more intriguing is that the data entry was performed by an officer from another service, as revealed by Prof. Cenckiewicz.

    This revelation sheds new light on the infamous “chair war” that erupted in October 2008. At the time, Minister Tomasz Arabski, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, infamously denied President Lech Kaczyński access to the government’s TU-154M plane. When asked if he needed the plane to carry out his duties, Prime Minister Donald Tusk shockingly stated, “I’ll put it brutally. I don’t need the president, that’s the problem.”

    Despite the PO-PSL government’s persistent efforts to hinder President Kaczyński’s foreign policy endeavours, news broke in mid-October that he would be travelling to Brussels in December. Shortly thereafter, the president’s registration at the ABW’s Anti-Terrorist Center came to light, thanks to Prof. Cenckiewicz.

    According to Prof. Cenckiewicz’s tweet, Lech Kaczyński’s registration occurred precisely at 23:02:38 on October 25, 2008. The officer responsible for the data entry was delegated from another service and utilized an ID card bearing the number 9200167. Astonishingly, this same number appeared on the document confirming the president’s data entry into the BWO (Operational Knowledge Base). Prof. Cenckiewicz’s sources indicate that the order to register the president was issued by Andrzej Józefacki, the deputy chief of the CAT’s (Anti-Terrorist Center) Department III.

    During a debate following the fifth episode of “Reset,” Prof. Cenckiewicz further emphasized the mysterious nature of this registration. He claimed that Polish special services, whose ultimate authority was the president himself, registered him as a figurehead—an astonishing secret that continues to confound even today.

    The implications of this covert operation extended well beyond 2008. The case persisted until April 10, 2010, enabling operational activities directly linked to the head of state. This entire episode followed the infamous pseudo-report in November 2009, commonly referred to as the “Georgian Incident.” It was at this juncture that the president, based on a report sourced from Russian media and prepared by the CAT, drew the attention of the special services. Such perplexing actions are unparalleled in any democratic and NATO-affiliated country. As we reassess the reset policy, it becomes imperative to delve into this case and uncover the truth, as urged by Prof. Cenckiewicz.

    In another tweet, the scholar disclosed that two ABW officers associated with the CAT departed the service after their involvement in a pro-Russian operation against Lech Kaczyński, orchestrated by the Bondaryk team. Prof. Cenckiewicz and Michał Rachon, his co-author, have promised to delve deeper into this intriguing matter in upcoming episodes of “Reset.”

    Back in 2011, “Gazeta Polska” already touched upon the registration of President Lech Kaczyński in the highly classified Operational Knowledge Base of the ABW’s Anti-Terrorist Center in 2008. Now, with Prof. Cenckiewicz’s revelations, this issue has resurfaced with renewed significance, capturing the attention of the public once more.


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