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    Legendary Anti-Communist Activists Support TV Republika: “Without freedom of speech, there is no independence!”

    Iconic anti-communist activists endorse TV Republika’s bid for a national license, calling for a new movement to protect free speech.

    “Without freedom of speech, there is no independence!” declares TV Republika’s latest campaign ad, seeking a national multiplex slot. Legendary anti-communist activists, including Andrzej Kołodziej, Andrzej Gwiazda, Joanna Duda-Gwiazda, and Krzysztof Wyszkowski support TV Republika.

    TV Republika has applied to the National Broadcasting Council for a terrestrial television license. This move has sparked a wave of support, with numerous politicians and everyday viewers sending petitions to the Council. The campaign’s promotional spot has just been released.

    “In August 1980, the free press at the Gdynia Shipyard was the primary source of free speech. Today, that role belongs to TV Republika,”

    stated Andrzej Kołodziej. Prominent figures in the campaign stress the need to support a channel committed to truth.

    Journalists from TV Republika emphasize that obtaining a multiplex slot is essential to counter the influence of post-communist and German media in Poland.

    “It’s time for a new Solidarity, a powerful movement to defend free speech. Join us!”

    they call out.

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