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    Magnolias Paint the Town of Cieszyn

    In the quaint town of Cieszyn, magnolias are not just flowers; they’re symbols of beauty and history. Discover the charm of magnolias and Cieszynianka.

    Historical Roots and Magnolia Splendor

    Magnolias were introduced to Cieszyn in the late 18th century by Leopold Jan Szersznik, enriching the gardens of affluent residents. Today, guided tours lead enthusiasts through the town’s elegant villas, tracing a path adorned with these majestic blooms.

    A Blossoming Tradition

    Initiated by museum curators Danuta Pawłowicz and Mariusz Makowski, the Magnolia Trail offers a sensory delight, starting at the Star Magnolia in the 19th-century villa garden. Strolling past architectural gems, visitors end at Peace Park, commemorating a historic peace treaty.

    Nature’s Performance and Civic Pride

    Cieszyn’s magnolias, including the Intermediate, Star, and Alexandrina varieties, grace the landscape for two to three weeks, weather permitting. Cool nights and favorable conditions extend their spectacle, enriching the city’s allure.

    Beyond Magnolias: The Charm of Cieszynianka

    In addition to magnolias, the humble Cieszynianka flower symbolizes the town’s essence, reflecting its green petals and cultural significance.

    CC BY 2.5, Cieszynianka (Hacquetia epipactis) in Cieszyn, photo by Augiasz

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